3 Top $1000 Used Cars

Used cars are something that is a better financial decision. You usually do not need a loan for a used car and they make for a good deal when it comes to price to value ratio. We are going to provide you with a list of $1000 used cars which are in the market.

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Price: $750

This LX-finished Civic Coupe is said to perform very well, but it still looks a bit rough around the edges. Careful application of body colour masking tape makes it easy to remove and thoroughly inspect. At 229,000 miles, lapped the block more than a few times, but the ad says it needs a new brake line. But once fixed, this Civic Coupe can make a great fuel-efficient commuter or shuttle engine without the hassle of adding a few more scratches. Consider having extra adhesive tape on hand when you buy one from the $1000 Used Cars.

1996 VOLVO 850
Selling Price: $500

In line with Volvo’s reputation for safety, automakers claim that the Volvo 850 was the world’s first production vehicle with side-impact airbags. This may not be a top priority for buyers of $1000 Used Cars, but the 850 GLT is still a comfortable, spacious and well-equipped sedan. This example is claimed to work well despite 259,000 miles and some cuts, dents and quirks. Includes a rare factory roof rack and condition inspection stickers valid until July 2021.

Selling Price: $800

With four-wheel drive, five-seater space, and ample cargo space, the Subaru Outback is a popular choice that combines the advantages of a pickup and an SUV. The Outback also tends to maintain its value and looks like a potentially good deal. The ad claims that the car runs well, but rather it’s disturbingly saying that deep internal cleaning is needed, perhaps part of the reason for the low price.

Still, getting rid of dirt is a problem that almost any potential buyer can tackle, either by using a professional cleaner or by doing it yourself to save a few dollars. Noisy rear wheel bearings may be another story, so a pre-purchase inspection by a mechanic is a particularly good idea.

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