2021 Travel Trends That Might Change The Industry

2021 will witness family reunions in so far as trans-continental travel is concerned
As we get ready for the Covid-19 vaccine to bring some stability to the world at large, I have weighed in on some of the key trends that may change the travel industry forever. To begin with, here are the top five trends to look forward to this year.

Perception Of Popular Tourist Destination
In the pre-Covid era, travellers across the spectrum—luxury or budget, young or veteran—would have cities such as Paris, Rome, London, and New York on their bucket list. These destinations, among others, that have taken decades to build a reputation of being tourist-friendly (in terms of inter-city navigation, safety, and refined experiences and infrastructure) now face a challenge as travellers begin to show interest in lesser-visited countries or countries that have tackled the Covid-19 crisis more successfully than others.

Commutation Within The Country
Till early 2020, we were all on the same page—we would choose a transportation option based on how fast it took us to our destination or how scenic the route was. Now, as travel opens up, the focus shifts to arguably the most advertised service we see on the Internet today—hygiene and contactless experience.

Technology comes to the forefront, daring sceptical hospitality brands to adopt tech-enabled gadgets that would lower the chances of contamination. A premium and edgy service reserved for a few earlier, will now become a mainstream travel benchmark.

Experts In The Field To Gain Prominence
Impulsive travellers and self-planners are already feeling overwhelmed by the bevvy of travel restrictions around the world and the clutter of information that is available online. This will continue for most of 2021. Vacationers will look to hiring travel agencies and industry experts to bring them safe itineraries thereby shifting the responsibility of travel to them.

Family Reunions And Travel
Having spent the most crucial year away from our loved ones, stressed about their safety, 2021 will see family reunions in so far as trans-continental travel is concerned. Expect to see your relatives’ journey across the world to meet you and even take a small trip together.

WFH Trend
While a number of MNCs have directed employees to work from home till June 2021, many more are giving up physical workspaces to adapt to virtual models. Professionals now have an opportunity to leave the city for a picturesque nook in the mountains or near the beach for longer. On the hospitality side, boutique brands, homestays listed on Airbnb and Booking.com are re-opening their properties with monthly rental plans at affordable rates so that families, friends, and couples can carry their work and function remotely.

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