Workation is the unique blend of mixing work and vacation. Due to this pandemic, this concept has become a huge hit.

As the world continues adhering to the social distancing guidelines, employees are forced to work at home. At the beginning, everyone feared that the productivity of the employees will decrease, but as time went by, the benefits of it are now being seen. While many want to get out of the house, not a lot of people want to return to the office. While many want to travel, it was difficult to fit work and travel together. But with the new rising trend of Workation, this is possible.

Workation is a combination of work and travel. It is travelling while continuing to work online. It can either be a weekend or a few weekends. It is one of the most flexible remote work trends till date. In this, generally the employees can work the whole day and travel and visit places at night and during the weekend. You can also go for a day tour by working your way around the timings. And with everything being digital and the option of video call, all this is possible.

The most important thing in Workation is to book a place where there is reliable internet connection, as without that you won’t be able to work. Booking a place during its off- season is better. You should also book a place which has an all inclusive cleaning option as you won’t have to worry about cleaning and cooking.

The word itself says that it’s a combination of Work and Vacation, so that means that you will have to balance both. Instead of running here and there it is better to work a schedule so that you can make the most out of it. You can carry your laptop and go to the beach or anywhere that you want to and work while watching the waves, mountains, etc. It is important to create a proper work schedule so that you can enjoy the vacation and enjoy it even after coming back.

With this rising trend , you can travel the whole world without wasting your paid leaves. The only important thing is to work out a proper schedule and maintain a balance so that you can enjoy working as well as travelling, just make sure that there is a reliable internet connection. And laptops are going to be a permanent travel accessory with this trend.

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