Must-Have Handbags for Every Occasion

If you’re not aware of the many handbag options, that could be a sign that you have too many handbags of a given style. Diversify your purse collection with these essential handbags suitable for every occasion!

Sling Bags
Just because you’re not on the hunt for a new handbag doesn’t mean you have to forgo one of the old standby styles. Sometimes it’s best to stick with what works.

1. Michael Kors Goldtone Mesh Sling Bag
The mesh strap design makes this sling bag slim and easy to use with a single hand. This bag is large enough to hold a large clutch, credit cards and your ID, so it’s an ideal pick for ladies on the go.

2. Michael Kors Round Shoulder Bag
The alluring circular shape makes this bag a great option for those of us with small hands. It’s structured and perfect for all of your essentials. Plus, this bag comes in both black and white and is perfect for an evening out.

3. See by Chloé Leather Tote
The chic factor of this bag is undeniable.

Hobo Bags
When it comes to handbags, they’re really all the same. The only difference between one style and the next is what colors you choose. However, you don’t need a purse to be stylish. Hobo bags are lightweight, zippered bag options that allow you to easily fit more accessories and keep your hands free while on-the-go.

Why Shop at the Tailored Shoe Store?
There are two types of women when it comes to handbags: those who are easily distracted and like to accessorize and those who are stylish and aren’t afraid to take things up a notch. The accessories are what make a look or complete a look, and this is where the tailors excel.
They can customize designs to fit your personality and sense of style perfectly.

Cross-Body Bags
A cross-body bag is a hands-free option for carrying your whole life. You can choose from cross-body bags and satchels to carry on your shoulder or on your hips. They come in various shapes and sizes, so you can find the right bag for every occasion. These bag styles are also popular among celebrities.

Weekend Cross-Body Bags
Feminine and stylish, this cross-body bag style is perfect for day trips or weekends. Make your weekend a little more exciting with a fun floral or graphic print.

Weekend Bags with Belt
If you like a chic statement piece in your bag, this cross-body style is a fun choice. It can easily match with your casual wardrobe.

Weekend Leather Cross-Body Bags
Made with leather, this cross-body bag style will remain timeless.

Tote Bags
Like carryalls, these larger purses are a smart choice for travel. While they may be heavier than a cross-body bag, they’re not as cumbersome as a traditional purse and pack well into overhead lockers. Especially suited for airports, coffee shops, and special occasions, the mini handbag is also a great choice for shoppers on the go.

Classic Shoulder Pads
Asymmetric tops can be both flattering and fashionable, but when worn with a structured jacket, they can come across as either too young or too old. This is why a classic shoulder pad, with its long rectangular shape, makes a perfect choice for the season. Forget about the suiting trend of the past few seasons and go for a double-breasted blazer instead.

Leather Handbags
Leather handbags can be just as pricey as a costly bag, but can last you forever. The biggest downside to this category is that it’s big. But if you’re willing to wear them every day, they can be great investments. This leather crossbody style is very simple but elegant. It has the best of both worlds and can go from day to night. If you’re looking for a large bag that goes from day to night, this is your bag.

This bag is great for both day to night and work to weekend. The amazing thing is that this size is appropriate for day to day use. This might be one of the best handbag styles that you can wear with almost any outfit.

This is a great little bag that is perfect for the every day needs of the working woman. It is made of soft leather and would make a perfect travel bag.

Fabric Handbags
1. Real Techniques Brand of Polymer Bags
These are 100% cotton, but look nearly like leather. They have a small lining that’s great for storing makeup and other small items. They come in great colors and patterns.

  • Looks like leather
  • Comes in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Can easily be washed with regular laundry


  • Not as durable as leather
  • Moderately expensive
  • No zippered pockets
  • Not many color options

2. Maxi Dot Hold-All
These leather cross body bags are extremely durable and work for casual and dressier styles alike. Each bag comes with a mirror and can even come with a keychain.
These bags are perfect to use as handbags or briefcases, and will certainly last you a while.

Buckled Handbags
Buckle bags are the perfect hands-free carryalls. They have become a massive fashion trend as people continue to lose their grip on everyday carryalls. Buying a buckle bag allows you to decide the type of bag that’s right for you — just keep in mind that some of them have a visible buckle and some do not.

Oversized Crossbody Bags
I absolutely love crossbody bags for days when I’m just not in the mood for a clutch, but I do want to make a statement. I’ve found a few of the large tote bags are actually quite trendy and can be great for travelling. But in terms of everyday style, most people opt for a crossbody bag.

Picnic Bags
Picnic bags are both practical and functional, if a little plain.

Messenger Bag
Whether you’re going to the gym, on an impromptu work trip, or simply running errands, you can never have too many bags. The classic messenger is easy to carry and all of the bags above can hold all of your essentials – like your phone, keys, wallet and makeup – with room to spare. If you want to try something a little more affordable, check out this $29 cross-body with removable shoulder strap that comes in 13 colors and can fit your phone, keys, wallet and lipstick!

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