7 Best Laptop Accessories This Year, That You Shouldn’t Be Without

In recent times people tend to use their compact and lightweight laptop to do all their tasks as these devices are becoming thinner day by day. They sometimes lack many useful ports and features which makes it difficult to run our laptop to its full potential. So to solve this issue we should have some additional laptop accessories.

Difference between PC and Laptop
PCs are known to be the most useful laptops, but before you buy any PC, you need to learn the differences between it and laptops.
While laptops are quite portable, laptops are actually smaller and less powerful than a PC.

These basic differences can really make a difference and in case you choose a Laptop, PC or even a tablet then you will really benefit from it.
If you do not have any knowledge about laptop types and consider buying a PC with a laptop-like keyboard, then you are most likely going to buy a sub-par PC and not get much value for your money.

Some of the best Laptop Accessories are :

1. Wireless mouse
If you want to enjoy a high-speed wireless mouse without spending a fortune then you should consider buying a wireless mouse with a good battery. Wireless mice are generally much more affordable than wired mice. Therefore, here are some of the best wireless mice available in the market.

Vertec Wireless VPS60
Vertec’s VPS60 is a very fast wireless optical sensor laser mouse which offers more accurate tracking at speeds up to 4.4 meters per second. It comes with a wireless design which is capable of outputting 900mW at 20dpi, a report of the product’s main website. The mouse also comes with a powerful onboard rechargeable battery which is rated for 15 hours of non-stop use.

It is a highly accurate mouse which can control by using the 3 x 2 buttons.

2. Keyboards
Keyboards are more than just a means of inputting text. This is especially true of laptop keyboards. That is, because of the fact that every key on the keyboard is designed to function like a one-finger touch, you need to type with care if you want to have a satisfying experience. That is exactly what any good laptop user needs.

This is why choosing the right keyboard for your laptop is vital. It should be a compact keyboard for the compact notebook you are using. Having a compact keyboard is not easy, so we suggest you use a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are very popular these days because they are great for creating one-finger typing, which will be especially useful for entering text quickly, with the minimum of effort.

3. Extra battery
I have been using laptop for so many years now and one of the things I love about it is the battery life which lasts almost 6 hours. With the laptop running on a small battery, you will be able to do more things on the go. The bigger the battery the longer you can work on your laptop.
If you are a person who uses your laptop for a long period of time, then you should definitely have an extra battery. Since you can get some extra battery for a little bit of money. The good thing is that you can always swap the old battery out for the new one.

4. A bigger USB
Since laptops are small, people tend to use a few USB ports. But since it’s hard to connect 2-3 USB ports at the same time, then the ports tend to clog with the cables. So, having 2 or more USB ports is recommended.

5. External hard drive
Backups are essential to ensure safety of our data but few of us are lucky to have a local hard drive to save all of the data. This is the reason that a backup drive is a very important accessory for every laptop. A hard drive has the capacity to store all the data from your computer on external hard drive and make it instantly accessible. Hard drives are highly portable, cost effective and help in backup & fast data recovery. If your computer needs a hard drive to work then it can be installed easily without much issues.

6. Stand and screensaver
Laptops can become a big waste if you don’t have a screen or a stand. There are various small keyboard stands but nothing substantial that can fit a full sized laptop. A stand is a small accessory that can be used to prop up your laptop at home.

7. Screen protector
Whether it is having a matte surface or an anti-glare panel it is necessary to have a screen protector to avoid damage to the screen. This is because the screen protectors protect the screen from the scratches, cracks and the fingerprints. The price is very affordable these days which is the major reason why we all prefer to buy such screens protector to protect the screen.

The title says, we have collected five of the best laptop accessories that you can buy for your laptop. These five laptops accessories are an absolute must for all of us to make sure that our work is not wasted.

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